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Gaiters "Midnight Bling Fur" with faux fur - cool, functional and super durable!


​​​​​​_d04a07d8- 9cd1-3239-9149-20813d6c673b_black with glitter & white with lacquer


basic material: breathable 3D mesh material prevents heat build-up and optimally regulates the temperature

Details:Closures made of glittering robust material and rubber logo

Fur:super soft faux fur that wraps around the outer edge of the gaiter for extra comfort

Protection:Ventilated high-tech hard shell on the inside for optimal protection and extreme durability


We were fed up with choosing between beautiful, functional and durable/tough when it came to gaiters, so we combined the three attributes in one product.

Everyone knows gaiters, because they look great, but fall apart after wearing them a few times. And that's why we have developed gaiters that can do everything well and also last a super long time!


Available in sizes:

S = inner height 26cm (for ponies ca 140-155cm)

M= inner height 28cm(for large Hafis&co and horses up to 170cm / for larger ponies for the rear)

L= inside height 30cm(for horses from 170cm and for slightly more delicate horse legs for the back)

-> turn out a little bigger!

The size information refers to the front legs, one size larger can be taken for the hind legs.

The size tips are just a rough guide. Every horse's leg is different! ;)


Come as a pair, so two pieces.



The fur gaiters may initially shed a few hairs on the edges. However, this settles down after a few uses and is not a reason for an exchange!



Leggings "Midnight Bling Fur" | 3D mesh | super strong | black-and-white

VAT Included
  • Can  be machine washed at 30°.

    However, we advise you to wash them easily by hand. Warm water, soap, sponge and you're done! 

    This way you protect the hard shell, Velcro and the pretty fur much better.