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PONYCARE - Hoof Oil Nature for healthy hooves.

500ml - super economical.


Dip the brush well into the oil, let it drain slightly and apply to the cleaned hooves. Let it soak in, if necessary massage in on the coronet and the pony hooves are wonderfully naturally cared for. Please shake well before each use and clean the dirty brush before use.
For daily care in summer and also in winter.

Pony polish

  • a wonderfully nourishing oil with valuable, completely natural ingredients for pony feet
  • with bay and tea tree oil
  • ensures healthy horn growth and an elastic hoof
  • makes the hooves shine great
  • quickly pulls deep into the hoof
  • is super easy to apply
  • colorless

Hoof Oil Nature | for strong and beautiful hooves | based on natural oils

VAT Included
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