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Whether as a lucky charm for competitions or for every day at the stable - our hand-dyed riding socks will make you happy!


They fit sizes 37 to 42, for thick and thin legs and reach below the knee.

They are soft, stretchy, totally comfortable to wear and fit perfectly under riding boots or chaps as they are not too thick.


The socks are made in Latvia, individually ti dyed by us and then provided by our dear seamstress with our shiny pink logo labels.

Every pair of socks is absolutely unique!


We choose the most beautiful pair for you, promise!

... you have a very special color request, you can specify this when ordering.





  • Please wash the socks on the left and at no more than 30 degrees to keep the colors bright - we are always working to improve our dyeing technique and now use professional, super high quality textile dyes of the brand DEKA, the light and wash resistance up to 40 degrees promise!



82% cotton 16% polyamide 2% spandex


Super cool stretch tie dye riding socks made of cotton | in your favorite color!

VAT Included
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