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we care!

What you

need to know!

Social commitment, actions in the area of ​​environmental protection, sustainability and fairness.

We at Ponyschwester want to make the world a little better and are committed to a wide variety of projects.

Our philosophy is to produce sustainably and fairly and to make customers happy!



Riders against cyberbullying

In cooperation with the young blogger Eske Luise, we launched the campaign against cyberbullying in 2020. We explain the topic and have already been published in many magazines. In addition, we donate the proceeds from the campaign to the Alliance against Cybermobbing eV


planting trees in Germany

Since 2019 with the start of "Green Friday" in November, we have been actively committed to sustainable and ecologically valuable reforestation in Germany. With the support of forester Aaron, we green our landscapes and give something back to nature.



young talents

Since 2016 we have been supporting young talents and professional riders like Pia and her team from with sponsorings. We also support numerous tournaments and events throughout Germany.



fair & sustainable

We are gradually expanding our range with more and more sustainably manufactured products. In our shop you can find shirts made of organic cotton or jackets made of recycled nylon.

All our products are also tested and fairly produced.

We also attach great importance to sustainable packaging for shipping.


warm service

The well-being of the customer is our top priority and so we give everything every day to answer all inquiries and solve every little problem quickly.

If a product does not meet expectations one hundred percent, we will always find a satisfactory solution.

We're here for you!


our community

We want to bring our pony sisters together and keep our community growing.

We let you participate directly in our design processes and implement your ideas.

You can network and exchange ideas in our member area.